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Crestline Investors, a premier alternative investment manager, provides creative capital solutions that generate consistent risk-adjusted returns over multiple market and economic cycles.
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Delivering a Multi-Strategy Approach

We bring institutional expertise to our specialty sectors and business lines that we apply to creating solutions and identifying opportunities throughout the capital structure.

Opportunistic Investing

Provides capital solutions (ranging from senior debt to structured equity) to underserved or capital constrained middle-market companies, real estate lending and specialty finance programs.

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Direct Lending

Provides flexible senior debt capital solutions to lower-middle and middle-market businesses, with a focus on senior secured, unitranche and second-lien opportunities.

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Fund Liquidity Solutions

Bespoke financing solutions to mature PE funds in need of additional capital to support follow-on investments or provide liquidity to their investors.

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Crestline Europe

Create and invest in flexible, tailored capital solutions (including private credit, equity or hybrid structures) to European middle-market companies across a variety of industries.

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Derivative Solutions

Beta Overlay & Hedging Solutions

  • Foreign Exchange Hedging
  • Custom Beta Overlay Services
  • Portable Alpha
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Crestline Summit

Seeking stable, consistent returns in all market cycles through multi-PM equity-neutral strategy.

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CL Life

CL Life provides annuity products designed to protect capital.

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A Global Reach

Crestline serves sophisticated institutions, family offices and high-net-worth individuals in North America, Europe and Asia who seek innovative alternative investment solutions that provide sustainable income and continuity across different market cycles.


Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Crestline has offices in London, New York, Tokyo and Toronto.


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