Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

October 3, 2022

This Cookie Policy sets out how we use cookies or other information downloaded to your device when you browse  Please also read our Privacy Policy, which explains how we process personal data.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small data files that many internet sites automatically download to a user's computer, phone or tablet’s hard disk. They are primarily used in helping web sites recognise a user that has visited the web site previously such as simplifying the logging on process for registered users. They can store account and password information. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. The Site uses cookies so that we can better service your return to the Site (further details on the exact cookies and their purposes are set out below).

You do not have to accept cookies, but without accepting them you may experience reduced Site functionality. If you should wish to reject the cookies then please read the information that came with your browser software to see how you can turn off the automatic download feature, should you so wish. For more information about cookies, including how to set your internet browser to reject cookies, please go to

What types of cookies does Backstop Portal use?

Session and permanent.

Are cookies a session cookie or a persistent cookie?


Single session cookies. These enable the Site to keep track of your movement from page to page in order to ensure that you will not be asked for the same information you have previously given during your visit to the Site. Cookies allow users to proceed through a Site quickly and easily without having to authenticate or reprocess each new area visited.

Persistent cookies. These cookies enable the collection of information such as number of visitors to the site and pages visited in order to analyse user behaviour.

What is the purpose of the cookies?

The session cookie is used for a user's session as well as for storing flash messages and if a user notification campaign should be displayed.

The permanent cookie is used for a feature that allows owners to display a popup to users. After a user accepts the terms, then a cookie is stored with a value and expiration date so that popup does not occur until after the expiration date.

After how long does the cookie expire?

The session cookies expire after 30 minutes of inactivity on the public site and 4 hours on the admin site.

The permanent cookies expire either 1 hour after accepting the terms of agreement (if the user indicates he/she is on a public computer) or after the specified amount of time configured by the owner. This is only relevant for the public site.

How long does the back-end database retain information that has been gleaned using the cookies?

Backstop runs a script every 30 minutes that deletes the session cookies’ data that is older than one day in the database.

How to contact us and other important information

If you would like further information please contact us: Data Protection Liaison -

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